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Bromton War MemorialThe Brompton War Memorial was unveiled on Palm Sunday (20th March) 1921. The Memorial takes the form of a rustic Celtic cross in Devon granite, which stands about ten feet high. It was made by the well-known local firm of Messers. T. Fowle and Sons. The Memorial bears the following inscription:-

In Memory of the Men of this Parish
who gave their lives for King and
Country in the Great War.
"Their Name Liveth for Evermore."

It then lists the names of the fifty Brompton fallen from the Great War in two (probably originally three) panels. Following the Second World War another panel was added giving the names of the eighteen Brompton fallen from that conflict.

The memorial was originally located in the grounds of Holy Trinity Church, on the corner of Garden Street and Maxwell Road. When the church closed in the early 1950s the council took over the care of the monument, and still maintain it today. Following the demolition of the church and the redevelopment of a large part of Brompton in the late 1950s the monument was moved from its original site to a newly created green beside Wood Street, named Swan Garden in honour of the Swan Public House which had formerly stood there. This pub had its own connection with the memorial (which stands almost exactly where the pub itself stood) since the lanlord of the pub at the time of the Great War is also one of the names commemorated on the memorial.

It was probably at the time of this move that the last five names on the memorial from the Great War were lost. Since the original list published is in the same order as the order the names appear on the memorial, and it is the last five names on the original list that are missing, it suggests there was originally a third panel containing five names from the great war, but for some reason this panel did not get moved with the rest of the monument.

The council has been informed of this loss, and it is hoped that in 2012 they will be rectifying the situation.

The list of names from the First World War covers every branch of the services -Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Marine, Naval and Airforce. The Second World war names are mostly Naval, although once again Marine, Army and Airforce names are all present.


First World War (Panel 1)
Major J. T. Byford McCudden, V.C., D.S.O. & Bar, M.C. & Bar, M.M., Croix de Guerre de France, & Ameircan Medal, R.A.F. (R.E.)
2nd Lt. J. A. McCudden, M.C., R.A.F
Flt. Sgt. W. T. J. McCudden, R.A.F.
Lt. E. C. Dawson, Canadian Infantry
Sgt. R. Kinnear, R.E.
Staff Sgt (Farrier) C. C. Sutton, R.F.A.
Sgt. D.C. Simpson, East Kent Rgt.
Cpl. W. Bass, Royal West Kent Rgt.
Pte. G. J. Tomlin, Hampshire Rgt.
P.O. J. Tomlin, R.N. (Civilian)
Cpl. O. G. Stace, Queens Royal West Surrey Rgt.
Pte. W. H. Stace, Worcestershire Rgt.
Pte. F. T. Climo, Middlesex Rgt.
Pte. F. Hughes, R.A.S.C.
Pte. C. Robins, East Kent Rgt.
Pte. J. C. Sullivan, R.M.L.I.
Pte. J. J. Cook, Royal Munster Fusiliers
Pte. W. J. Barnes, East Kent Rgt.

First World War (Panel 2)
Cpl. F. Matthams, R.E.
L. Cpl. C. H. Berry, Worcestershire Rgt.
Pte. W. Hammill, Rifle Brigade.
Pte. J. P. Hammill, East Kent Rgt.
Pte. W. F. Crust, Worcestershire Rgt.
Pte. R. F. Baldwin, Royal West Kent Rgt.
Pte. A. Wilmot, Canadian Infantry
Pte. W. J. Price, Middlesex Rgt.
Pte. P. Coyne, Hampshire Rgt.
Pte. G. E. Spicer, Royal West Kent Rgt.
Pte. F. E. Sandford, Machine Gun Corps.
Pte. J. Redgrave, Army Vetinary Corps.
Pte. A. W. Doyle, R.A.S.C.
Tpr. W. Bennett, 9th Lancers
Pte. T. R. Williams, King's Liverpool Rgt.
Dvr. T. Butler, R.H.A.
A.B. W. J. Clarke, R.N.
Pte. E. Russell, Royal West Kent Rgt.
Pte. W. Harbour, R.M.L.I.
Spr. D. Summers, R.E.
Pte. A. H. Goodchild, R.A.O.C.
1st Cl. Sto. J. W. Tebble, R.N.
Pte. V. S. Tebble, Canadian Infantry
Pte. R. Scott, Durham Light Infantry
Pte. V. Rogers, Royal West Kent Rgt.
Pte. W. H. Shrubb, Norfolk Rgt
Sub. Lt. W. J. C. Williams, R.N.V.S.

First World War (Missing Panel)
Lce. Cpl. J. H. Neal, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Pte. E. J. Neal, King's Own Scottish Borderers
Rifleman J. H. Wheeler, Rifle Brigade
Pte. F. C. Baldwin, East Kent Rgt.
Sgt. A. Robins, M.M., R.E.

Second World War (Single Panel)
Mess Room Boy R. N. Landalls, M.N.
Ordnance Artificer J. E. Usher, R.N.
1st Cl. Sto. E. J. Waterman, R.N.
1st Cl. Sto. G. A. Waterman, R.N.
Sgt. E. H. Stredwick, R.M.
R. J. Gunn, R.N.
Able Seaman W. L. Smith, R.N.
Leading Stoker S. Perry, R.N.
Squadron Leader V. C. Lovell, D.F.C., R.A.F.
Ordinary Seaman H. G. Carter, R.N.
Staff Sgt. M. Mitchell, R.E.
Cpl. S. Phelan, Middlesex Rgt.
Able Seaman G. Sinclair, R.N.
J. Simpson, M.N.
Marine W. Tungate, R.M.
P. Keith, R.N.
Pte. J. T. Runham, Royal West Kent Rgt.
Telegraphist F.A.H. Longmore, R.N.

You can find out more about some of these men by clicking the link on their names. Sadly the information is currently very limited for most of them, and for some there is no information at all. As time goes by and more information is found it is hoped to increase the number of names we have biographical information for.

If you can tell us anything more about any of these men please contact us at

Newspaper reports about the War Memorial


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